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  • Reverend Theresa Baudier

There Must Be A Better Way

"Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way" -- A Course in Miracles, Text, page 22

Suffering is a way of life for many. At some point and perhaps with help, we realize that all the things we've tried in the past to get control of our lives just don't work. Until we identify the real cause of suffering and surrender to it, we are just going to stay stuck.

One of the reasons I love A Course in Miracles is the simplicity. Much like the 12 Steps, it is simple but not easy. The Course tells us that all of our problems arise out of "separation" with is just an illusion. It is impossible to be separated from God. If we choose to believe the ego, we see ourselves separate, apart and even in competition with God. Choosing to belief this, doesn't make it true.

The great fact is that we can never leave our Source. The Divine Creator (call it God, Great Spirit, Allah, Jesus, or whatever makes you more comfortable), is LOVE. Love's only opposite is FEAR. Fear is an illusion of the ego and truly does not exist. When I suffer, it is because I am choosing to suffer.

The "miracle" is simply a change in perception. Rather that choosing to think with the ego, we can choose to think with our Divinity. The root cause of our suffering is usually things are not going our way. If we choose again and surrender to the Divine, we can accept that EVERYTHING...absolutely EVERYTHING is part of the Divine Plan. Until we accept this, we are choosing to suffer.

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