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  • Reverend Theresa Baudier

Let Go, let God.

I was with a great group of friends last night and someone asked the question -- "have you noticed lately it is much easier to hate than it is to love?" Ain't that the truth. Politics brings out the egomania in us always making it easier to "hate" the other side than to love the people on that side. Isn't it strange that we are all from one creative source yet we find it easier to be mean to each other than just to simply love each other?

A Course in Miracles teaches us that everything we do is used or interpreted. Who's using and interpreting it? Simply put, it is either the ego or the Holy Spirit. The ego uses everything to lead us further into chaos, confusion and conflict. The Holy Spirit is only concerned with helping us find our way back to peace of mind. Which do you choose? More important, how long do you want to wait before choosing peace? "Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time." -- ACIM T-86

In the end when our bodies expire we will shed the mask to find only spirit. We will be united in eternity. Meanwhile we get to choose to listen to the ego and get all worked up over things that do not matter OR listen to the Holy Spirit to find peace of mind. Isn't this the bottom-line meaning of Let go and let God?

When we let the stuff on the outside drive us to judgement, the ego is ruling. When we quiet the mind and focus on our divinity, we gain inspiration and strength. By dismissing the ego and turning to the Holy Spirit, we can find wisdom and the true nature of who we are. "Wisdom is not judgment; it is the relinquishment of judgment." - ACIM M 10.4.5

If we find ourselves clinging on to ego thoughts that cause nothing but pain, we can always pause and choose again.

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