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We tore them apart and it was all a tiny mad idea.

Scientists generally accept that the universe was created with a "big bang". This concept is that the universe was initially one big nebula that blew up or "separated" to form countless galaxies. The galaxies continued to separate into stars, planets, the Sun and other heavenly forms. This makes the origin of the universe unique with no probability it was a chance coincidence.

The Quran asks: "Do the unbelievers not see that the heavens and earth were joined as one before we tore them apart?". A Course In Miracles calls it a "tiny mad idea" which is the false belief that we could ever somehow be separated from our Creator.

When we commit to making Peace our only goal and purpose in life, we must consistently join our minds with God's Mind to experience Truth. This takes dedication and practice. As we commit to a daily meditation practice, we learn to choose to let Spirit guide us back to Oneness of Heaven.

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