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ACIM Lesson 198 - Only my condemnation injures me.

Anytime I complain about anything, there is something wrong with me. This is my truth and today I practice giving up the fight and just accepting that forgiveness is the solution. The Course tells me this over and over. Now is the time to truly embrace forgiveness as the only answer.

When I condemn another person, I am injuring myself. When I use wrong-thinking to judge another I am saying they are not worthy of love. I am withholding love – and that only hurts me. To take it the next step and re-wire my thinking – God cannot withhold his love based on any of my wrong judgments.

"Injury is impossible" (1:1). Neither God, nor my true Self as His creation, can be injured in any way. Nor have they been. But "illusion makes illusion" (1:2), and the illusion of condemnation makes the illusion of injury. We will continue, therefore, to experience injury until we lay down condemnation as an undesirable tool, "unwanted and unreal" (1:4).

Wow, this principle is so important - - Injury is impossible; so is condemnation (2:5). "What seems to be its influence and its effects have not occurred at all" (2:6). Separation never really happened – I only dreamed it. There is no sin, no death, sickness is illusion, and I am not a body. This world does really not exist. We are already in Heaven, dreaming of separation.

Today, I must deal with illusions with illusion and recognize forgiveness is my way out. To undo the illusion of what is happening, I need the illusion of forgiveness. Another real Truth -- Forgiveness is not necessary in Heaven.

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